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Order No. 200112

Plug-On-Module Motor - Edition ABB

For PLC-Trainer AC500  

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Quick Overview

Plug-On-Module for PLC-Trainer AC500 for simulation of control of a motor.

Plug-On-Module Motor - Edition ABB

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The heart of the Plug-On Module Motor - Edition ABB is a DC motor built with a disc on its shaft. The disc has got slot holes and runs at low speed through 2 fork light barriers. Therewith a real interpretation of the motor's direction and speed is possible. By potentiometer the speed is adjustable from 0 to max. speed. With a slide switch you can switch over to speed control by an external device, such as PLC-Trainer AC500, or any other voltage source (0...10 V). The rotation of the motor is indicated by 2 LEDs on the PCB. Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the motor is possible. The Plug-On Module Motor - Edition ABB is compatible with PLC-Trainer AC500.

The following 8 programming examples (in CoDeSys) are included:
•  Inching/continuous operation of a DC motor
•  Reversing contactor circuit with direct switching
•  Reversing contactor circuit switching via OFF
•  Control of a reverse drive
•  Mixer with 2 speeds (analog output)
•  Surface grinding machine
•  Reversing a motor
•  Rotation detection of a low-speed shaft

Technical Data:
Operating voltage 12 - 24 V DC (100 mA)
1 DC motor
2 fork light barriers
1 Potentiometer for speed adjustment
1 Slide switch for external speed control
1 Screw terminal for ext. voltage source
Dimensions (LxWxH): 85 x 93 x 45 mm
Weight: approx. 0.08 kg
EC registered design no. 000929807-0001
CE certification EN61000-6-2 and EN61000-6-3

Scope of supply:
1 Plug-On Module Motor - Edition ABB
1 Teachware with 8 programming examples (in CoDeSys 2.3) on CD ROM