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PLC-Trainer 1200 - without SIMATIC-CPU


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Quick Overview

PLC-Trainer 1200 without CPU, Teachware with 34 Learning Cards, 34 exercises and solutions, IR receiver, Sonar-Bero simulation (frequency generator), 40-pin interface

PLC-Trainer 1200 - without SIMATIC-CPU


The training device "PLC-Trainer 1200" is built on a stable aluminum angle. For signal input are integrated 8 toggle switches (on - off - momentary on) as well as two potentiometers for analog value input 0-10 V/DC 10 mA (e.g. simulation setpoint vs. actual temperature values). The signal input is indicated by eight LEDs (5 mm). Learning cards can be put on the board's field "Learning Cards" and used there. The included exercises are based on the principle "From easy to demanding" and are printed on 34 laminated learning cards. You can easily replace them on the board as required. You can store the learning cards in the included transparent box. Furthermore it is possible to put Plug-On Modules - e.g. Motor 2, Traffic Lights 2, etc. (available as accessories) - on the 24-pin interface connector. The integrated 40-pin interface connector allows to connect simulation models via a ribbon cable (available as accessories) - max. 16 in-/outputs. With the slide switch "Infrared Receiver" one input is switched to IR receiving. This allows to realize 10 addiditional switching states with an IR remote control. The slide switch "Bero Simulation" turns  on a frequency generator with an adjustable frequency from 60 Hz to 5 KHz. Also a "Horn" can be activated.

Technical Data:
Operating voltage: 24V DC / 850mA
2 Potentiometers for analog value input 0...10V DC / 10mA
1 Potentiometer for Sonar-Bero simulation (frequency generator up to 5 kHz)
1 IR receiver
8 Toggle switches for signal input
8 LED status indication - 5 mm, red
1 Slide switch Sonar-Bero simulation
1 Slide switch horn
1 Terminal 2-pin for SIMATIC-panel (only monocolor)
1 Terminal 3-pin for signal board analog output
1 Interface connector 24-pin
1 Interface connector 40-pin
1 Socket for expansion modules
1 Service socket (0V)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 330 x 170 x 125 mm
Weight: approx.1.7 kg

Scope of Supply:
1 PLC-Trainer 1200
1 Power supply international 230V AC/24V DC
1 IR remote control (without batteries)
34 Learning cards 110 x 81 mm laminated, in transparent storage box
1 CD with 34 practical exercises and solutions (English/German)
1 Quick guide for operation

Option without SIMATIC-CPU

Color of PCB:       red

Additional information

Toggle switches (on-off-mom. on) for dig. signal input 8
Digital outputs with status LED 8
Possible digital inputs 16
Possible digital outputs 12
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Input/output sockets 4 mm no
Interface connector for simulation models 24-pin and 40-pin
D-sub socket no
Variable power supplies 2 pc. (0 -10 V DC/10 mA)
Learning cards 34 pc., large (110 x 82 mm)
Attaching of Plug-On Modules yes
IR receiver and remote control yes
Frequency generator 60 Hz - 5 kHz