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Order No. 700103

PLC-Rack 300


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Quick Overview

The PLC-Rack 300 - 16 Digital inputs, 16 Digital outputs, voltage module, analog module

PLC-Rack 300


The PLC-Rack 300 consists of a well designed and compact aluminum housing.

Technical data (basic assembly):
Power supply 230V AC/24V DC, 2 A, IEC connector, fuse, on/off switch
37-pin D-sub socket wired (parallel connection) to 16 digital outputs and 16 digital inputs
16 Digital inputs are connected to toggle switches and  to 4mm lab jacks with status indication by green LEDs
16 Digital outputs are connected to 4mm lab jacks with status indication by red LEDs
Voltage module with 8x 4mm lab jacks (4x 0V, 4x 24V DC)
Analog module with 4 adjustable voltage sources 0…10V and an analog meter wired to 4mm lab jacks

Supply without SIMATIC components