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PLC-Trainer 300


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Quick Overview

The PLC-Trainer 300 offers a varity of training exercices.

PLC-Trainer 300

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The training device "PLC-Trainer 300" is built on a stable aluminum angle. For digital signal input are 8 toggle switches (on - off - momentary on) integrated as well as two potentiometers for analog value input 0-10 V/DC. The signal output is indicated by eight LEDs (5 mm, red). An acoustic signal can be switched on or off. For testing a program, learning cards can be placed on the board. On the 24-pin interface connector Plug-On Modules can be put on, e.g. Motor 2, Traffic Lights 2, etc. (available as accessories). By a flat ribbon cable (available as accessories) external training models, e.g. fischertechnik Basic Model Solar Tracking 2-Axis, can be controlled. On the 40-pin interface larger training models can be controlled via flat ribbon cable (available as accessories). With a standard remote control (RC5 code) further switching states can be realized via one input. By the integrated Sonar-Bero simulator, ultrasonic proximity sensors can be simulated (60 Hz - 5 kHz, depending on SIMATIC hardware). Depending on the SIMATIC hardware configuration, the analog outputs can be wired to the board-mounted screw bushings.

Technical Data:
Operating voltage 24 V DC
8x toggle switch (on - off - momentary on)
8x LED status indication
1x Interface 24-pin
1x interface 40-pin
1x buzzer
2x variable voltages 0...10 V / 0...-10 V
2x terminal for panel
14x analog terminals
4x switch for analog values
1x switch buzzer
1x IR receiver
1x frequency generator 60 Hz - 5 kHz (sonar)
1x switch high-speed counter
max. 16 digital inputs / 16 digital outputs /  4 analog inputs / 2 analog outputs on board possible

Dimensions (LxWxH): 345 x 155  x 200 mm
Weight incl. SIMATIC hardware: approx. 2.7 kg

Scope of supply:
1 Training device PLC-Trainer 300 without SIMATIC components
1 Power supply 100...230V AC / 24 V DC 750 mA
20 Learning cards laminated (110 x 83 mm)
1 CD with 20 practical tasks and solutions
1 IR remote control (without batteries)